At Emmy Monash we ensure that life continues unabated into aged care through our award-winning holistic wellbeing programs. We offer diverse programs across all levels of care, tailored to your unique requirements and abilities.

We have adjusted all of our programs to ensure compliance with all government restrictions. 

Our programs aim to:

  • maintain identity integrity;
  • encourage inter-generational participation;
  • enhance emotional well-being through creative expression;
  • provide sensory/cognitive/creative stimulation.

We have five key pillars that underpin our programs.  

  • Jewish Life
  • Innovation
  • Intergenerational
  • Culture
  • Wellbeing

Every wellbeing program available meets at least one of these areas.

In comparison to other aged care facilities, the number of Emmy Monash staff employed as part of the Culture, Community & Wellbeing Team is far greater than the industry standard. Our energetic team is supported by passionate and dedicated volunteers who help to ensure that we provide an enriching experience for each resident. They are selected for their creativity as much as their qualifications, skills and experience.

Our wellbeing programs have been further strengthened by partnering with other individuals and organisations. Through collaboration, we have enhanced everyone's experience and have developed valuable community connections. 

    Discover our wellbeing programs in action