Emmy Monash serves a range of nutritious meals, all of which are fully Kosher. Everyday, our dedicated Catering Team work hard to deliver you fresh, well balanced and delicious meals customised to your liking. 

An extensive amount of care and preparation goes into designing our menus. We regularly consult with reputable dietitians and speech pathologists while planning our menus, ensuring that all the food we serve is both high quality and nutrient dense. 

We fully understand that many individuals have certain dietary preferences and requirements, so we are more than willing to adjust your meals to accommodate any needs. 

While we receive praise for our meals, we remain committed to continuous improvement. We value any feedback about our meals and invite you and your family to take part in our monthly ‘Food Focus’ meetings. This open discussion forum serves as an opportunity to provide feedback on our meals, which we take on board when planning new meals.

Discover some of our favourite recipes