We are so grateful for the regular praise we receive from families, residents and community partners regarding the care and programs we provide. We have shared some of these below along with a video about the special Emmy team. We are sure these will provide you with the comfort and knowledge that Emmy Monash Aged Care is the right choice for you and your family.

"If I had to compile a check list of what qualities the staff looking after my elderly sister and brother-in-law had to have, the staff at Emmy Monash would tick all the boxes without exception.

At Emmy Monash we have the best team working with the best management to provide care that is second to none. I want them to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed, especially in these hard and difficult times. Bless all of you."

- Sam, family member 

"I honestly can't say anything bad about Emmy!"

- Natalie, Emmy resident

"Thanks to all staff there for keeping standards so high. An example of what the industry should aim for. A reflection of decades of good management, moral leadership and staff dedication."

- Anthony, family member

"Your patience, personalised care and caring of our father has been outstanding and we could not wish for a better environment for our father Alex.

As soon as we walk in the door, we are approached with smiles and encouraging remarks which at this particular time is incredible. It’s a particularly difficult time at present and we know you are operating at great levels of stress, trying to maintain a safe environment for residents and staff. 

Thank you for all you do and stay safe."

- Esther and Michael, family members

"We want to sincerely thank you for the usual excellent work you have performed looking after our mum’s needs both physically & emotionally which we really continue to appreciate. We see EM as a wonderful home for our mum and you all are responsible in some way for creating this warm, comfortable home for her.

More importantly we understand and appreciate the toll COVID-19 is currently having on all your lives. The pressure to isolate from friends and family as per the Victorian State guidelines is even more stressful for you all, knowing that one seemingly minor mishap outside EM could create disaster inside EM.

We are very very appreciative of your care in this regard and understand the mental toll it must be having on all your lives."

- Larry and Suzanne, family members