Emmy residents enjoyed a beautiful concert of Pesach songs sung in Yiddish by the spirited students at Sholem Aleichem College. It was a community effort to enable this program, with our volunteer Sabine driving the Emmy bus to collect the students and returning them to school afterward.  Due to the success of this concert, we hope to facilitate further activities with Sholem in the future.

Our regular intergenerational programs are back in force with Mount Scopus College Year 9 Bridging the Gap students meeting residents in Greenmeadows Park for the annual get-to-know-you session. There were plenty of laughs, stories, and bonding over Jewish festivals. Bialik College Year 8 students have been visiting residents each Friday throughout the school term and assisting with Shabbat preparations. Also, our beloved Saftas have recommenced their visits to the kindergarten children at Mount Scopus Gandel Besen House, reuniting with volunteers, teachers, and students.