In 1941, a strong and visionary group of Jewish women established a special place for older members of Melbourne’s Jewish community. Forming an organisation called The Mutual Help, these dedicated women worked around the clock to deliver food and provide care and companionship to the frail and elderly in their own homes while rallying tirelessly for community support.

Later renamed in honour of our inspirational founder, Emmy Monash Aged Care is now Melbourne’s leading Jewish aged care facility, accommodating more than 150 residents.

Shaped by community need

The provision of aged care has changed significantly over time, shaped by community need, new technology, government policy and advances in medical knowledge. Emmy Monash has moved with the times and in 2016 opened the doors to Gandel House.

Offering a greater scope of choice in residential accommodation including respite care, the new building boasts expanded community spaces, themed lifestyle rooms, landscaped courtyards and the flexibility of function rooms with garden vistas. Gandel House set a new benchmark in residential aged care in Melbourne.

Extensive upgrades

An extensive upgrade and relocation of our Dandenong Road building followed. Visitors to our Dementia and High Care units now enjoy beautifully appointed surrounds including a new foyer, dining and lounge areas, café and gym, as well as upgraded connectivity that includes automated doors and WIFI - our buildings are now seamlessly linked.

Emmy Monash has continually adapted its services and accommodation to deliver the best possible experience. Every step of the way, Melbourne’s Jewish community has been central to our success. As a result, we have won national and international awards for innovative activities and cultural programs.

Our focus is positive ageing

We continue to challenge the stereotype that quality of life diminishes with age and focuses strongly on positive ageing. We are proud of the advanced lifestyle activities we provide which engage schools, synagogues and many other community groups. Focusing on delivering a holistic and person-centred approach to care, our residents feel they can continue to take part in activities that they have enjoyed for years.  This allows us to create an outstanding experience and community connection, which are integral to an enriching life.