Dear Emmy Staff

It’s been a really challenging year for everyone at Emmy and all the families who’ve been separated due to COVID.

I LOVE the Emmy staff and appreciate all that they do for our mum, and for us.

I love talking to all the staff - from the beautiful (and young!!) girls at Reception, to the wonderful nursing and activity staff, the CEO and Managers, and all the fantastic support staff… all have incredibly challenging jobs, but such important ones.

All the residents have lived incredible lives and have amazing stories to tell - even though many only reveal glimpses given their stage in life. I wish you could have known them when they were independent and vital.

Big hugs and thank you to all of you who help make the difficult journey with our elderly parents an easier one to navigate - we really appreciate it.

Lots of love, Caroline Troski and family


There are not enough words to adequately describe how wonderful Emmy Monash has been for our mum, Yetta.

Lisa Barnett and her team have given mum a quality of life better than we could ever have dreamed of.

Kol hakavod to you all.

Janice Broder


My family and I would like to thank the remarkable Emmy Monash staff for the care and attention shown to Basil. Nothing is ever too much and they show utmost patience and compassion.

Marcia Wolman


Thank you to all of you at Emmy Monash for the valuable work you do every day. It’s because of you we can lay out head on our pillows each night, secure in the knowledge that our loved ones are being care for with empathy and professionalism.

Thank you also for all your efforts to ensure Emmy Monash has been COVID-safe under very trying circumstances.

Ernie Schwartz


We would like to commend Cheryl and all the staff on Level 3 Gandel House for their ongoing care for our dear mother, Lotti Tugendhaft.

Ashley Tugendhaft


Dear Team Emmy,

Throughout each lockdown we observe and our mother, Helen Light reassures us that she is being well looked after. To all the Emmy staff who are working under very challenging conditions, we applaud you and appreciate all that you do for our loved ones.

Warm wishes,

Suzanne & Dennis Hain, Helen and Larry Light


We have been under extraordinarily difficult times and I can’t praise the staff in the Bierman wing enough.  They are all very patient and considerate to all the residents. I appreciate the amazing work done by the staff not only with the residents but also the family.

Keep up the good work.

Regards, Diane Bracht


To all Emmy staff,

From personal experience all my life, I know that my mother, Ursula Flicker, can be difficult/challenging at times. Those who work with her have, no doubt observed this. I admire and appreciate your care and concern for her and have seen and recognise the efforts made to support her. I’m also grateful for your prompt and appropriate responses when I have drawn attention to any issues.

In these difficult COVID times, I also know that there have been additional stresses and challenges in your work. Thank goodness residents are now vaccinated, and it’s pleasing to know that a majority of the staff are being vaccinated too - may it reach 100% very soon.

Thank you, too, for the transparency and regular communications to families about the situation at Emmy.

Stay safe and celebrate, as best you can, your special day.

Helen Forgasz


Dear Staff of Emmy Monash,

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of our extended family, I would like to thank each and every one of you for all care and love and support that you give to our loved ones and to us.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and passion. What you do is extraordinary, each and every one of you deserves recognition and reward. For us, you are heroes. Your selfless, unseen, by the world at large, support is something that protects the lives of all residents and their families.

You give up your time so that we can work, study and live our life knowing that our loved ones are protected and being looked after. 

Some may say, it is just a job, but not everyone could do your job. It requires so much from a person to do what you do that only a person of an absolutely unique personality can your job.

Thank you and forever in debt to you, on behalf of Kira's family,

Natalia Hawkins


Many thanks to all Emmy staff for your support and care of our mum Judith and now late father Alex.

Wishing you and your families continued good health and looking forward to happier and easier times.

Regards, Jonathan Ivanyi


Dear Emmy Staff,

I want to say a big thank-you for all you are doing to help my mother Sonia Reitman. I know that she is being well looked after. A big thank you once again.

Kind regards,

Esther Same

Dear Tanya and EMA Staff, 

Alex and Judy Heimler have asked me to write on their behalf and express their appreciation of the attention, care and professionalism they are continuously receiving from all staff they interact with. It means a lot to them, especially during the lengthy lockdowns when family and friends cannot visit and there is a real danger of isolation. So a big thank you from them and from us family members too. 

With kind regards, Agnes Banyasz 


After another incredibly difficult year, my family and I want to again express our appreciation and gratitude to every single person who works at Emmy Monash.  Without exception, everyone our family has dealt with has been extraordinarily kind, patient, understanding and loving to both my mother Ann and every member of our family.  We are so grateful for the care and love she is shown daily and we often say to each other how lucky we are to have Mum there, especially since the pandemic.  It is so reassuring to know she is looked after, cared for and safe, especially in these terribly uncertain times.

The entire Greenwood family thanks you all – Desta, all the nursing, support and kitchen staff on the Ground floor, the activities and physio teams (Tina and Kevin especially), Mary Lou (hairdresser), all reception staff and Brad in the café.  And anyone else behind the scenes who I may have forgotten.  We are indebted to you all.

Karen Greenwood, daughter of Ann Greenwood


To all staff,

I just wanted to write a note to all staff expressing my appreciation for the hard work you all do caring for our loved ones.  These have been very trying times for all of us and you have all had to work under exceptionally difficult circumstances. Despite the difficulties, our loved ones are cared for to a high standard and I am very grateful for this.

In particular I would like to send my thanks to Desta and all the ground floor staff who care for my dad, Max Sussman.  It means a great deal to me that he is so well looked after and it provides me great peace of mind knowing that his needs are well met by the staff.

Thank you all once again for the fabulous job you do.

Kind regards

Ronnit Schreiber

It is now two years since my mother, Sura (Sally) Russek, became a resident at Emmy.

This was the best decision we could ever have made!! We are so grateful for the excellent care that she has received by all of your wonderful staff. My mother can be very difficult and stubborn at times and we greatly appreciate the great lengths that you have all gone to in order to please her.

Particularly at this unprecedented time of pandemic and lockdowns, this extra care has been even more evident and appreciated. We thank God that Mum is not living at home alone at this time. We could not have managed that situation.

All of the staff and Management, from your Reception staff to all the carers, volunteers and, of course, our wonderful, patient and sympathetic Nurse In Charge, Lisa, our sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to you all. You have all been fully stretched and tested during these crazy and challenging times and passed with flying colours.

Many thanks and best wishes to you all!!

Bill and Helen Russek. 


Thanks again to all of you for the wonderful support that you are giving my mother, Hilary. 

Your love and care goes beyond what I and my family can expect. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Warmest regards

Dani Peer  


Hi there Emmy Staff,

I would like to thank you for the care and kindness you give my father.  There is no way we are able to manage him at home, which is where he says he wants to be.  His situation is heartbreaking and we feel completely helpless to manage his needs.  It is reassuring for us that he has a caring and safe environment to live in.

Please know how much you are appreciated every day by our family.  To know you are there for him and the care you provide is really appreciated.

Thank you so much again for everything,

Warm regards

Debby Spiegel


On behalf of our family just wanted to extend our eternal gratitude to all the staff at Emmy particularly in the Smorgon area where our mum is.

During all the lockdowns each team member on all levels have supported not only our mum but all the residents.

There will never be enough ways to express our thanks to the wonderful Emmy team who have looked after our loved ones to ensure they are protected from this hideous virus.

In our hearts ♥️ always.

Huge thank you again on behalf of Helena Witman

Abe and Sylvia.


Although I am remote from Emmy at present, my heart and my thoughts are with our staff and of course, our residents. Under the guidance of the Executive, Emmy team members continue to give of themselves in an effort to keep our residents safe and well. Please pass on my personal best wishes and thanks to our Team.

Finally, to our Executive Team I really do think that much of the inspiration, encouragement from the top helps produce the outcomes which we achieve. To each of you my personal gratitude and admiration.

George Greenberg, Board member


My mother Helen Apfelbaum came into Emmy Monash last week. I am happy to say that she is extremely happy with the care given by all the lovely staff. She’s amazed that they come to cover her up with a blanket be it during the afternoon nap she takes or during the night when she’s uncovered herself. These little gestures- say “you care “.  And my family are so grateful. 

Regards Rachel Lazar, daughter


Hi all

As a family member I thank you all for your dedication, skill and care that you show to all residents. The wonderful feeling of home that our residents have at Emmy, couldn’t happen without you

Sincere thanks, Karen Wayne OAM, Board member


My mother, Natalie Kotzman, is the best advocate for Emmy Monash. She tells everyone she meets how caring and attentive the staff are towards her. She comments on the friendly, warm atmosphere and how everyone greets her with a smile when she passes them. Thank you to all of you for ensuring that she feels safe and comfortable. It gives us, her family, great reassurance knowing that she is attended to in such a compassionate manner.

Melody Curtis


To the very dedicated employees of Emmy the executives, the front desk receptionists, the coffee shop, to all the team leaders and the PCA’s and all other staff.

Thank you. You are all doing a wonderful job, sometimes under difficulties You are all a piece of the fabric that makes Emmy Monash special.

Best wishes,

Barry Landau


To all the wonderful staff at Emmy Monash, know that your incredible hard work and dedication to residents is enormously appreciated by their families and the broader community. 

Despite the burdens of the last 18 months, you’ve collectively lifted the spirits of everyone at Emmy Monash and brightened so many lives. 

Well done to all! 

Joel Beebe, Board member


Thanks to all Emmy Monash staff for the warm welcome and care you are providing to our mum Clara Kanter. To know she is in such good hands has made a big difference to our lives.  

With gratitude and appreciation,

Susana and Corina


To the beautiful staff at Emmy,

I am in awe of your kind, considerate and loving care you are providing our precious family members. Thank you for your incredible dedication under these crazy circumstances. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to take care of our loved ones through shields, masks and on-again, off-again restrictions.

My family and I are doing are best to get vaccinated. Almost fully there for most of us in the 50s+ age group. We are looking forward to the day all the staff are as well. We know you are doing your best to get on top of it.

You are our heroes at the COVID frontline. Sending you buckets of thank yous, and hugs.

Take care and God bless, Debbie Meltzer

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