At Emmy Monash we ensure that life continues unabated into aged care through our award-winning holistic lifestyle and well-being program. We offer a diverse and dynamic lifestyle programs across all levels of care, tailored to the requirements and abilities of residents.

In comparison to other aged care facilities, the number of Emmy Monash staff employed as part of the Culture, Community & Wellbeing Team is far greater than the industry standard. Our energetic lifestyle team is supported by passionate and dedicated volunteers who help to ensure that we provide an enriching experience for each resident. They are selected for their creativity as much as their qualifications, skills and experience.

Programs include:

  • Intergenerational programs
  • Regular outings to natural spaces
  • Relaxation
  • Physical exercise
  • Choir and concerts
  • Guest speakers
  • Art and craft
  • Regular religious services
  • Mobile library
  • Cooking and baking
  • emMYkids playgroup
  • emMYpaws
  • iPad Connect

The Culture, Community and Wellbeing Team provide many innovative programs that seeks to enrich the lives of residents through creative and expressive arts-based activities.

These programs aim to:

  • maintain identity integrity;
  • encourage inter-generational participation;
  • enhance emotional well-being through creative expression;
  • provide sensory/cognitive/creative stimulation.

Residents can also reap the benefits of our community connections and partnerships that create further opportunities for lifestyle programs. Notably, our extensive lifestyle program was recognised on an international stage at the Eldercare Asia Pacific Awards, where our popular sculpting class was a finalist. We consider this a testament to our commitment to innovation in active aging programs and delivering enriching experience that enhances lives.

“I have here doesn’t interfere with my lifestyle”

Emmy Monash Resident - 2019

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