Emmy Monash is the lifeblood of our elderly community and for 80 years we have been making a meaningful difference to the lives of seniors. Part of what makes Emmy unique is that we provide so much more than just clinical care. Our holistic, person-centred approach sees us continuously innovating and adapting to the needs of our residents.

We create tailored wellbeing programs and forge community partnerships so that our residents can build intergenerational friendships, celebrate cultural traditions, and enjoy new experiences as they age.

But our programs and partnerships come at a cost. Government funding enables Emmy Monash to provide the essential elements of nursing and care. However, offering an enriching lifestyle, individualised wellbeing programs and maintaining continuity of Jewish culture and values is only possible with your generous support.

Chronic underfunding threatens our ability to deliver the superior experience that our residents deserve.

As the leading residential aged care provider within the Jewish community, we rely on your support to continue offering exceptional services and programs to our residents.

We need your support now. Please give generously today.