These past few months have seen unprecedented challenges for all of us. The pandemic is putting an underfunded industry under increased strain. We are facing the biggest challenge in our history.
These are some of the current issues facing Emmy Monash due to COVID-19:

• Our costs have increased by more than 10%
• Government funding has increased by only 1%
• 150 volunteers who provide invaluable support with programs and social connectedness, have been unable to visit for two months
• Our already stretched team are organising additional and modified lifestyle programs on every floor, every day
• We have purchased large quantities of infection control materials

We rely on your support, now more than ever. We cannot do this without you.

These are hard times for everyone, everywhere. Despite facing many adversities in their lifetime, our residents triumphed and built a strong and united Jewish Community. Now the next generations must take the reins and ensure that not only does our facility remain one of the best in the industry but more importantly that our residents and their families always have a home where they feel safe and secure.

To maintain the Emmy experience, we need your help...because if not now, when?

At Emmy we pride ourselves on our unique lifestyle program. Whether it be our award-winning intergenerational programs, our various therapies including music, art, pet and laughter or our extensive Jewish cultural activities – this one-of-a-kind experience is synonymous with the Emmy name. But it all comes at a cost, which continues to rise throughout COVID-19.

With much uncertainty surrounding us, one thing you can control is your loyalty and commitment to Emmy Monash. We are asking for your help to raise over $1 million and ensure Emmy Monash remains the leading dedicated aged care provider in the community.